John Arthur Nichol

Creating Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve

The image at the top of this post demanded its very own adventure. Can you see why?

About the Leanpub Publishing Platform

Leanpub is an avant-garde ebook publishing platform whose catchcry is Publish Early, Publish Often. It's not just for computer books ...

The Launch of Sascha Martin’s Zombie Dust

The Official Fourth Adventure and where to find It. Will Sascha be the change he wants to see in the world, or just a quick take-away?

On finishing Sascha Martin’s Visitor

Sascha Martin's Visitor is number two - or three - in the new breed of Sascha Martin adventures, written to be read by anyone who loves…

A Noise in the Night: Part 2

Later in the day, following the affair of the foil wrappers, I discovered by accident another clue that might help to explain the noise in the night.

A Noise in the Night: Part 1

One night as I lay in bed I heard a noise that was too strange to be discounted as just something falling.