John Arthur Nichol

On finishing Sascha Martin’s Visitor

Sascha Martin's Visitor is number two - or three - in the new breed of Sascha Martin adventures, written to be read by anyone who loves…

A Noise in the Night: Part 2

Later in the day, following the affair of the foil wrappers, I discovered by accident another clue that might help to explain the noise in the night.

A Noise in the Night: Part 1

One night as I lay in bed I heard a noise that was too strange to be discounted as just something falling.

Great Lyrics Reimagined: Losing My Religion by REM

Oh, I am bigger, I'm bigger than me, and I am not me

The Joy of Gmail

I once believed that my name was a rarity, because I'd never encountered another Nichol - let alone a Nichol called John. But in recent years…