John Arthur Nichol

Creating Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve


The image at the top of this post demanded its very own adventure.

Can you see why?

Manuela Pentangelo created the picture in December 2015. She designed it for a smaller space so the quality here isn’t great, but if you look closely, I think you’ll spot what made this image so interesting that it needed a story all to itself.

The book Manuela’s drawing inspired is called Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve. It’s not your average night before Christmas. Not at all. This is a magical journey … or else!

And Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve comes in a format different from its predecessors.

If you’re familiar with the Sascha Martin series you’ll know that the first three titles were picture books, written in verse and illustrated throughout in glorious, hilarious colour. They’re still available: Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship, Sascha Martin’s Time Machine and Sascha Martin’s Super Ball.

But Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve is intended for older children (discerning ones, at least), and will be in a regular paperback format that kids are used to handling. The inside will feature black and white spot illustrations by Manuela, with all the fun and wonder she brought to the first three titles.

And the story? It’s a bit longer; still written in rhyming verse, with language to tempt the most discerning of children (that word again!), and still very funny. Funnier, in fact - but that’s just my opinion 😊

Fingers crossed, Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve will be out in time for Christmas 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch. Or if you sign up for the newsletter, I’ll keep you updated myself.

Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve: It’s a Magical Journey, or Else!