John Arthur Nichol

Sascha Martin’s Zombie Dust

The fate of the planet hangs in the balance. Can Sascha pull off a miracle (but like, through science, right), or will dawn's bright light reignite the nightmare of his Super Balls, and an extinction event become the next overnight sensation

It's science on the fly as Sascha crafts a critically cataclysmic collision of cosmic consequence, and suddenly it's the girls they're all afraid of.

Where can you run to, on a mountain made of Super Balls? How do you hide from a drooling girl?

It's all slippery slopes and midnight cravings as Sascha Martin grapples with a pair of apocalypses only he could have created.

Sascha Martin's Zombie Dust: the Horrifying Conclusion to Sascha Martin's Super Ball. But Funny, Right?

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