John Arthur Nichol

Video Promo 2 for Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve

Video: Manuela’s on-screen drawing magic continues, and there’s more to see of her other illustrations for Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve, our new book due out on 5 December.

You might have watched Manuela’s earlier magic in this blog post. But wait! Read the next paragraph before you go anywhere!

You can preorder the eBook of Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve on Amazon, right now, for just 99c. Or 99p. Or €0.99 … Hmm. Is there a name for those little bits of a Euro? Anyway, this Universal Book Link will take you to the right store

So will this button, which Manuela and I made. We’re very proud of it.


Meanwhile, back in the video … as Manuela sketches at lightning speed, I’ll be filling your ear with information about the book and its characters, and explaining why you need to buy a copy this Christmas.

Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve is not just a magical journey - it’s the perfect gift for children, teens and grown-ups.

Discerning ones especially. Giggle.

Watch the video, read the post, and find that pre-order link I promised in the video. Hint: it’s four paragraphs above 😊 Pre-order. Amazon. 99c. 99p. Or 99 little bits of Euro ... and worth every one of them!