John Arthur Nichol

Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve, the Video ... Well, Promo 1 at least

Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve
began as an idea
That a certain little someone
had been hammering all year …

That certain little someone, of course, is Mary-Alice-Cooper, classmate, neighbour and not-friend of Landfill’s Year 2 inventor, Sascha Martin.

Since Boxing Day last year, Mary-Alice has furiously stoked her vision of the perfect Christmas Eve, and now it’s become so real she can sense the adulation of her fawning fans all over the world.

Sascha, the inventor, just has to do his bit.

But she’s very close to him - almost next door, in fact - and she’s the living incarnation of the goddess of nagging.

Christmas Eve will be magical, for Mary-Alice Cooper. Her impossible, preposterous dream will come true because …

She simply won’t take no for an answer.

Sascha Martin’s Christmas Eve - it’s a story of not-friendship and domination, and a tale of science, magic and mutiny beneath the twinkling December stars of Landfill.

And Klaus. It’s about Klaus, too.

You can preorder the eBook of Sascha Martin's Christmas Eve on Amazon, right now, for just 99c. Or 99p. Or €0.99 … Hmm. Is there a name for those little bits of a Euro? Anyway, this Universal Book Link will take you to the right store

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