John Arthur Nichol

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship is a very funny illustrated story about a boy's chaotic journey on the tail of his runaway rocket.

Smashing through walls, tearing along corridors, breaking rooves, looping and diving, the rocket roars into the skies above Landfill Public School with Sascha, two screaming teachers and an oven full of pies attached, while a host of educational bric a brac swirls along in its wake.

Told in hilarious rhyming verse and beautiful, full colour illustrations, Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship is perfect for reading aloud and sharing. The intended audience age of 8 to 10 isn't set in concrete. Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship has been delighting children of all ages, and grown-ups, ever since its launch in 2016.

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