John Arthur Nichol

Sascha Martin’s Pitchy Witch

Is the Worst Trip Ever Forever?

Mary-Alice Cooper has always been a legend in her own mind, but this time the hat's on backwards. Or sideways, at the very least.

It's school holidays in Landfill, and Mary-Alice is spending hers being ignored by Sascha and Luca, hard at work on projects that have - oh my god! - nothing to do with her.

Well ... Hell hath no fury like a not-friend scorned.

Riding high on a stolen invention, Mary-Alice makes just the kind of exit she could only dream of (in a really bad sleep), and an entrance she'll be working on for a long, long time.

Will she ever get back to her adoring followers?

Join Mary-Alice Cooper, Landfill's queen of drama, on a deeply offensive dive into the culture and traditions of a place she just can't get away from.

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